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The latest cancer fighting information

Have you, or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer?

If so, it's extremely important that you not fall victim to rash decisions that may cause more harm than good.  Never let anyone rush you into any treatment protocol until you get "all the facts".

If you or a loved one chooses to try natural remedies first before conventional as my wife did, be aware that family in most cases will not understand and be against it.  In our case, I always left the final decision to my wife.  It's really important to let the person fighting cancer make all the final decisions. It's their body and their life...not yours.   

Most cancer's are caused by one main factor. Defective metabolic processes in your mitochondria. Recent findings indicate that cancer cannot be a genetic disease. Removing processed foods, sugar, grains, and high net carb foods from your diet literally can starve out cancer cells.  The biggest concern is "Stem Cells". Chemo and Radiation will not kill stem cells in most cases and this is what causes it to come back with a vengeance as it did with my wife. Her surgeon never bothered to inform her about stem cells, and he also failed to disclose that removing lymph nodes had no benefit to her survival. This will be explained on the breast cancer tab above.   **See the Pitt University doctor stem cell video below.**

Please review this blog site carefully.  It could dramatically impact your life, or the life of a loved one. This blog is dedicated to my late wife Ogi who lost her battle with cancer after three years of trying first natural and then conventional treatments.  I hope this blog will help you avoid the huge error we made not understanding stem cells.  Surgery, black salve and unnecessary removal of lymph nodes allowed my wife's cancer stem cells to escape and metastasize all over her body before she could begin any treatment of any kind.  As I learned later, her fate may have been sealed simply from the surgery alone regardless of what treatments followed.  The subsequent chemo cocktail and radiation treatments in the months that followed removed any chance for her survival.

You see, when you are rushed into having surgery you are not thinking clearly. The surgeon is pushing you to act quickly.  You are afraid and feel you don't have time to do any research.   It took me three years of research and lots of tears to figure out the surgery was Ogi's fatal mistake. I firmly believe that had my wife avoided surgery, started fasting and simply began systemic treatments along with hormonal therapy she would be alive today. 

My beloved Ogi
1957 - 2016

Let me be honest... I know many people who had traditional cancer treatments who survived, and I know many people who used alternative, natural treatments and survived.  Every person is different and responds differently. Certain cancers like Lymphoma and testicular have shown to be responsive to chemotherapy.  Others have shown no long term benefit from chemotherapy.  **The oncologist video below will explain why.**

If you are stubborn and continue to believe that only conventional treatments can help you after 100 years of failure to find a cure, please go ahead and use traditional treatments.  Like I said before, I know people who caught it early and traditional treatments worked for them. They were lucky.  Others I know died from traditional treatments. Our family doctor lost his mother during her first infusion of chemo. She never got out of the chair.  Hearing this from the nurse practitioner at his office really had an impact on my wife's decision not to have chemo.  

The point is, every individual responds differently to various cancer treatments. Before you choose any protocol you should order complete bloodwork and determine how healthy you really are from your lab results.

The second thing you must do is make sure any surgery you have is to save your life, not just to remove tumors.  Surgery creates massive inflammation and angiogenesis which can easily spread cancer stem cells to other parts of the body as it did to my wife. As you will discover later in this blog, there are safer, less intrusive methods available to remove tumors. I can say with certainty that surgery to remove my wife's tumor and lymph nodes caused my wife's death!

Traditional cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are becoming obsolete and outdated.  Chemo and radiation can cause new cancers to emerge in the body and chemo's contribution to cure is unchanged at 2.1% in the USA. Chemo and Radiation DO NOT KILL STEM CELLS which spread the cancer to other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, many new treatments may not be available within the United States, the UK, or Canada due to an entrenched pharmaceutical monopoly focused on profitable disease management and not on cures.  However, new revolutionary treatments are available in Asia, Europe and several other countries and as a result, medical tourism is booming.  But be careful, there are many clinics in foreign countries that are selling snake oil.  Ask for contacts of former clients living five or more years after visiting the clinic.

As the conventional cancer system continues to fail more and more people and with recurrence at an all time high, it's only a matter of time before the entire cancer industry is forced to do the right thing.

Treating only the tumor does not and will not ever cure cancer! You cannot just treat the tumor and believe cancer will go away. You need to address the immune system, the lymphatic system, the toxins, the nutritional deficiencies, diet, hidden infections, stress, vitamins and nutrients, sleep, and lifestyle choices. It takes work! It takes work from the person with cancer. It doesn't take a tumor reduction treatment, surgery, radiation, or chemo from the medical establishment. You cannot cut cancer out of your body. You cannot poison cancer out of your body. You cannot burn cancer out of your body. You need to address the root cause of cancer. Otherwise, cancer never goes away completely. It will come back. And it will come back with a vengeance."   
Biochemist Dennis Hill shares one secret behind cancer therapy in this important video below. I strongly suggest you listen to every word of this interview.

Note: Cannabis is not a cure by itself, but can assist in apoptosis.

"Everyone should know the war on cancer 

is largely a fraud." 

- Dr. Linus Pauling, Two-time Nobel Prize Winner

Many doctors now agree...

Below are government statistics on the effectiveness of chemo on cure rate.  Not the survival rate, but its effectiveness towards a cure.  As of 2016, the effectiveness of chemo has remained unchanged at 2.1%  In other words, no impact even though survival rates have improved by other means. 

Breaking Breast Cancer News  

This doctor reveals why traditional 
treatments fail to kill cancer stem cells 

Learn how stem cells hide themselves below:



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There is only one cure that is absolute in terms of curing cancer.  That is your own immune system and its ability to find and eliminate the cancer using it's own natural defense systems. There are certain foods and supplements that can help cancer patients strengthen their immune system and give them the best opportunity for success.  A high saturated fat low carb diet like a Paleo or MMT diet is a good first step. Fasting is critical.  Research shows that fasting will dramatically increase the immune system and help starve out cancer cells by depriving them of sugars. Here's an article on fasting worth reading.

Some of the best food supplements are EGCg, Vitamin D3 taken with Vitamin K2, various Medicinal Mushrooms, and for women with estrogen positive breast cancer, DIM plus, Myomin and Calcium D-Glucurate have been helpful in controlling excess estrogen.  Click on "A word about breast cancer tab on top the page for more information."  

Juicing cleanses and rebuilds the body and is one of the most effective ways to heal the body from cancer.  A two year program of juicing and proper diet is critical. Those with late stage cancers may want to consider the Gerson diet.  Chipsa Hospital in Mexico has an excellent Gerson program along with other treatments.  Chipsa Info

One of the best food combinations I found to help repair damaged cells is the Budwig Diet and the mixture of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil.  This mixture of fatty acids actually repairs damaged cells and raises the energy level of cells. Many have reported complete remission of cancer going back several decades, but for many, this is not enough. I would suggest fasting before starting any food based treatment.

 Watch below how Killer T-cells find and destroy cancer cells:

For help with sleep and controlling anxiety and pain, many people use CBD Gold oil which is the highest potency of all CBD oils available.  

Two promising treatments we are researching is TTF therapy and focused ultrasound therapy. How ironic that 80 years ago Dr Royal Rife was healing cancer with electro-medicine. The cancer industry and FDA shut him down and took his machines.  Now today, that same FDA approves the very same technology.   Go figure?  See video...

The miracle of Focused Ultrasound

Without question, the biggest cause of disease is the lack of vital nutrients and essential minerals in today's food supply.  To learn more about this, and to hear the best solution for every family, please watch the video in the link below:

Listen to Dr Wallach here

Beating cancer starts between the ears!  

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you need to work with a professional cancer coach who understands the mental aspects of the disease. Medical doctors are not trained to deal with this most important issue. 

I am not a medical doctor.  I am a cancer survivor and researcher who has survived skin cancer, and was married to an amazing woman who lost her battle with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.  I've been there and understand exactly what you may be going through.  She is the reason I created this blog.

You must treat both the cause and the symptoms of cancer, otherwise it will come back again and again. My goal is to help you focus on finding the cause and correcting the emotion codes contributing to disease progression.

This video is a must watch for everyone!

Do you need help?

Are you afraid?  Asking yourself...Why Me?   Worried about survival?  Concerned about chemo or radiation causing new cancers down the road?  

Don't worry!  Cancer is not a death sentence if handled properly.  If you would like someone to review your situation and help you with the mental aspects of your diagnosis, or referral to a competent cancer health professional, call: 1.307.200.9473

Best of health,

Kevin Campbell

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DISCLAIMER: This article and all the information on this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any disease.  None of the information on this blog have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA) or any other official organization. 

Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not "approved" and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion.  It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:
The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user.  All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient.  If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.

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